There are a variety of ways that game broadcasts get paid for- every program is different. This page is meant as a guide to help decide the best way to create sustainable, high quality video programming for your athletic program.

  1. General Fund. If your program already has a fund raising system in place, then game broadcasts may become another line item expense. Typically, because of their visibility, game broadcasts end up getting tied in with other fundraising options and become their own fund raising mechanism.
  2. Sponsorship Model. If your program doesn’t yet have any fund raising system in place, offering sponsorship in your game broadcasts is a way to start¬†generating revenue for your program right now. Game broadcasts on the Oregon SportsBeat network will get the most views possible, giving you the most selling power possible.
  3. Other. Schools, school districts, booster clubs, private donors or other entities may have something to gain by investing in game broadcasts for your program. Broadcasts generate much excitement in the community and can enhance the experience for everyone involved.

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