For years, different kinds of media have given sports fans around the world the opportunity to follow their favorite teams:  Newspaper, radio, TV and movies have revolutionized communication and entertainment.

Recently, a new technology has entered the media landscape; the internet.  Large professional and major collegiate sports organizations were the first to take advantage of this new technology, and they began marketing their products in ways never before seen. With the explosion in popularity of mobile devices and other easy ways to access information, large sports organizations currently dominate the sports conversation.

This large scale model has come at a cost; smaller sports organizations, like high school sports and local amateur leagues,  are largely left out of the conversation. SportsBeat aims to change that.

A Brief History

To be clear, I love the Blazers and I think the Timbers are great too. But I’m tired of hearing the same story with the same boring corporate tone told over and over and over. I want sports stories that are meaningful, entertaining, insightful, and relevant.

Newspapers across the state do a fine job of covering a selection of  local sports with some articles and pictures. But our athletes deserve the finest representation, and fans deserve the best viewing experience- so I created SportsBeat.

It started in 2012 as a live cable television sports show in Portland, featuring call-in interviews with coaches of local stand-out programs and break-out teams.

The popularity of the show attracted many talented people who shared a passion for their community and sports in general. By 2013 SportsBeat was a live, one hour, weekly television show, with in-studio interviews featuring local players and coaches achieving success in their fields of play.

In 2014, SportsBeat began offering production services to athletic programs: SportsBeat’s live, multi-camera, high definition broadcasts with announcers and graphics were promoting our local athletes at a level before seen only on large network sports channels.

Today, SportsBeat is the leader in live, local sports broadcasting in Oregon. We are proud to be able to represent our athletes at the highest level possible, promote great teams and programs, and showcase the unique communities throughout our state.